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The Mecklenburg Super-Warthog

This extremely unusual warthog was taken in April 2008.
As it was skinned, we discovered a 5th tusk.

Our holy Warthog

Waterbuck with 3 Horns

This extraordinary trophy carried 3 horns.
Hunted in 2017 on Mecklenburg.

Our web cam



Our new hunting dog (German
Hunting Terrier) called "MAX"



Our Rottweiler female


our BGS

Rain Season 2007/2008

The nearby house dam is full
and running over. A sensation
and the first time in 22 years.
Our private “Meck-falls”

Rain Season 2010/2011

... not easy for the car

.....but the kids enjoy it

.... - a full dam

The Mecklenburg Kudu

This trophy received a medal from the Namibian Hunting Association at the Windhoek Trophy show in 1974. This was achieved through the length, symmetry and sheer weight and the 3 perfectly formed turns.

Colonel Whitney-Ashbridge from Washington, USA, at the age of 70 years was a hunting guest through ANVO Hunting and successfully hunted this trophy with Hans Denk on Jagdfarm Mecklenburg.

The Mecklenburg Record-Hartebeest

A Hartebeest bull shot in May 2008 with outstanding measurements of 67,5 cm or 26,5 inch, which will soon be found in the "Rowland Ward Book of Game Records".

With the 'NJ' to Namibia
A reflection of a readers revue "Excursion of a Lower Saxony hunter"

Africa, which was named by the Romans after the Tunisian tribe Afri has been a fascination for Europeans for centuries. This was no different to the participants of this years "NJ" readers revue excursion.
'Unfortunately our time was far too short in this beautiful although harsh hunting terrain, and many lasting memories will be taken home', these were the raving comments from the whole group.
As can be seen on the group photo, the utter contentment of the participants on their last day on Farm Mecklenburg during the hunting tour.